“You abandoned your duties as a father for 7 months”- Irene yells at husband

Abandoned Irene and husband
Irene and husband

Popular Nigerian entrepreneur, Irene yells at husband for abandoning duties for more than 7months.

Body tone expert and female entrepreneur, Irene had taken to Instagram to share her disappointments at husband for abandoning fatherly duties for more than seven months. The single mother expressed that she does not involve herself into illegal things to put food on the table yet, gets talked down and mocked at by father of her child.

Apparently, Irene stated that she does her business dutifully in order to cover for husband’s shortcomings and make sure their baby is comfortable, yet makes jest of her.

Furthermore, she revealed that the inspiration of her post was because more than three persons sent her a post he made on Snapchat referring to her. She further explained that he always insulted and abused her but she never wished him bad but prayed for him.

See what she wrote:

” I’m not stealing or prostituting or doing anything illegal to put food on my table. This is my business, my source of livelihood, my sweat. This is what I do to cover up for your shortcomings and make sure our son does not lack and all you can do is make jest of it?? How low!! This just goes to show how much of a toxic person you are. You abandoned your duties as a father, 7 months and till date you haven’t taken any step to do the needful for your son, it’s been all me holding it down. I normally would overlook when you disrespect me and say worst things about me, but when it’s more than 3 persons sending me the rubbish you posted on your Snapchat supposedly trolling someone that’s obviously me, I just say to myself how can a grown man be so childish. Who’s worse? Is it me who’s taking responsibilities for my actions or you who’s running away from yours? Acting like you’re the first man to find yourself in this situation. You wish me bad, seeing me in a bad condition gives you joy. You tell people you want me to suffer and beg. Brag about how you have the money to fight me, even after I made further effort to seek peace. Are you now disappointed that I can still manage to survive? Still in all of these I have never said a bad prayer for you, I only hoped that one day you man up and do better for your son. I won’t pray for karma, all I know is that God is watching and the universe is aware.

Abandoned Irene's post
Irene’s post



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