“why Sabrina Dhowtre is the one for me”-Idris Elba

Idris Elba sexiest man alive 2018

‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Idris Elba, has revealed why his fiancee Sabrina Dhowtre is the one for him.

The British actor who proposed to beauty queen back in February revealed in an interview that they “have good chemistry”.

He said,

“She makes me laugh and we share common goals. She makes me happy. She makes me celebrate my successes and when I’m not too sure about stuff, she makes me think.”

On the day of his proposal to Sabrina who is of Somali descent, Elba said his bended-knee proposal “was the most nerve-wracking thing for me ever.” “But in terms of wanting to make someone feel super special and feel my love, that was pretty romantic for me,” he adds in this week’s issue of PEOPLE.

According to the 46-year-old actor, he planned to proposing to Dhowre on Valentine’s Day “but that was going to be problematic” so he decided to do it at a screening of his film, Yardie, which he directed. “It was a little spontaneous if I’m honest,” he says. “I was at a cast and crew screening and among people I loved. We had all worked so hard for this project so I was like I’m doing it right now, here, today.”

Speaking on how his proposal quickly went viral when someone posted a video of it online, he said he did not expect it to go viral although it was public.

He said: “Yeah, I didn’t expect it to quite make British news and American news and Japanese news, for that matter,” Elba says, laughing. “It was quite a public affair. But it really wasn’t meant to be on the news.”

For plans of their wedding, Idris says “It’s a special day, but we both have our own ideas,” he adds. “I want about 19 deejays. There have to be, c’mon!”



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