Timi Dakolo celebrates parents who grants wards education mandate

Timi Dakolo celebrates parents who grant wards education mandate
Timi Dakolo

MTN project famer Timi Dakolo has taken to Instagram to celebrate parents who despite all odds pull their meager salaries together to see their wards through school.

The artiste who is now a parent has also acknowledge that providing food, clothings and shelter for more than 3wards in the higher institution with the little salaries they receive is ‘magic at it best’.

However, he added that he has tried to calculate how his parents saw him through school but he cannot.

He further thanked parents for displaying such gallantry, bravery and courage above stood by their children throughout the period of obtaining Education.

“Shout out to all the parents that made sure we went to school (sometimes as many as 3children in higher institutions), roof over heads, clothes on our backs and food for our stomach. Doing all that with your little salary was magic at its best. We thank you very much. I have tried to calculate how you guys did it, but I can’t.

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  2. Congratulations to all parents. I love you mummy for trying your best with me, doing it single handedly. I love you! You’re the best mum in the world


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