Senator Kabir Marafa insisted that he is a strong supporter of President Buhari – He said those claiming he was against he acting president were his political enemies – He said there was no plot to remove the acting president Senator Kabir Marafa has responded to accusation that he and some senators where plotting to remove acting president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo. In an interview with New Telegraph, the senator responded to the publication by some northern youths who accused him of being against the presidency. He insisted that what took place on the floor of the House of Assembly was not to removr Osinbajo and that he remains a strong support of the acting president and President Muhammadu Buhari. He said: “It is an unfortunate development within the politics of North- West in particular. I would have discontented the publication as just a mere rubbish for two or three reasons. “One is that either the writers are envious people or they are ignorant; another reason is that I am a frontal fighter. All my life, I have never believed in hypocrisy or chasing shadows. “Looking at the publication, I believe that whoever this coalition of northern youths are, they are not my mates and they are not the writers of the garbage. So, it is definitely sponsored by one or two different groups. “One of the groups is either the enemies of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, whose interest is anybody who is fighting the Senate President. So when Marafa was fighting the cause of APC, I was their friend, and the sin of Marafa now, is why has he stopped fighting their enemy? “Another of the two groups is the one being most likely sponsored by politicians from Zamfara State, whom I have dominated and they feel they should fight me from the Diaspora. I mean from outside Zamfara State because this is a coalition of Northern youths organisations. “For that, the only thing I will say to them is that they should tell their paymasters that the battle ground is Zamfara and not the pages of newspapers or the Senate. “I am not a white collar politician; I am a frontal fighter, they know who I am, let us meet at the battle ground in Zamfara. I am a responsible lawmaker who has been responsible to his people throughout my six years in the Senate. “The body calls itself coalition of Northern youth organisations, so the word youth here tells me that whoever they are, they are my younger brothers or my children. “So, I am older than them and I have a responsibility to educate them “There was never any motion on the floor of the Senate to make anybody an acting president. I will say two things to enlighten them; and one is that we are enlightened politicians and there is nowhere in our constitution or in our rule book that says that acting president can be nominated by the National Assembly. “So, nobody will even undertake that journey because it will be a futile attempt. “What happened that day was that Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe was given a chance to contribute to a debate on whether the Senate should accept the letter from the Acting President seeking the Senate to confirm a nominee as the Executive Secretary or Director- General of National Lottery Commission. In his contribution, he accused our government; I am APC blood and soul, that the problem is that there is vacuum in leadership. “That was an insult on our government, and I rose to defend the government and I shouted point of order.  “The Senate President, who is also an APC member felt the same way and he gave me the chance to read my point of order. “I raised Order 53(4), which says “a senator must confine his observation to subject of discussion and may not introduce matters irrelevant there to.” “Secondly, you can see their ignorance; they said Senator Marafa, alongside a group in the Senate called Like Minds, but Like Minds was the group that supported Senator Saraki to become the Senate President and I don’t belong to that group, rather, I belong to the Unity Forum, which is a group that supported Ahmad Lawan. So, next time if they are addressing me, they should use the right reference. “Thirdly, they said I seconded a motion raised by Abaribe, but no motion was raised. The presidency is one body and it is the president, who Nigerians elected and gave powers to. He is the only person, who can appoint an acting president.” had reported that Marafa revealed how President Buhari and the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) asked him to stop fighting Senate President Bukola Saraki. Reports have it that Marafa said on Sunday, July 23, that he fought Saraki because the order was given to him by his party members and he stopped based on the same order. from Naij



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