“Remember we all sin differently”_ Onyii Alex cries out

Nollywood actress, Onyii Alex took to Instagram space yesterday to pour her heart. Her cry was actually directed to the female folks ad she clearly stated.

Who could have spat on the curvy actress? This remains a wonder as she did not mention names. However, she seemed unhappy about the situation.

Alex’s cry was directed to ladies that try within their reach to bring down their fellow ladies because of a little flaw. She explained that doing that is like spitting on your own face because it has to do with a fellow lady like you.

More so, she stressed the fact that everyone is a sinner and no one is holier, so anyone putting up ‘the holier than thou attitude should stop’. However, she concluded by saying that support and empowerment is better off.

See what she wrote,

“Dear ladies trying to bring your fellow woman down is like spitting on your own face, especially trying to mock someone for the very same things you did or didn’t do because you didn’t have opportunity to.! Remember we all sin differently,. Nobody holy pass!!! Trust me when I tell you support and empowerment looks way better on us 👊🏻💪🏻❤”.


  1. the bible says in one verse like that, you without sin should cast the first stone so free this bae and mind your freaking biz, kapish


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