“Please just stop with the sycophant and hypocrisy” – Iniedo blasts Omoni Oboli

Omoni oboli and her bestie Uche Jumbo
Omoni oboli and her bestie Uche Jumbo

Veteran Nigerian actress, Iniedo blasts Omoni Oboli for being hypocritical with post concerning she, Omoni and best friend Uche Jumbo.

Recall, Uche Jumbo is premiering directorial debut. Omoni however celebrated Uche on media space and said she (Omoni) has been on set that is why they have not seen.

Surprisingly, Iniedo replied the post with a blast and advised Omoni to stop being hypocritical knowing that no production in Nigeria will ever keep you back on set knowing her best friend is premiering her directorial debut.

See conversation below:

Omoni Oboli, ” Hey lover, still on set and hoping and praying to finish on time so I can join you in celebration of your latest movie you know I got nothing but immense love for you… alas the show must go on!”.

Iniedo, “There is no production in this country that would hold u back on set, knowing ur supposed bestie is premiering her directorial debut… so pls just stop with the sycophant and hypocrisy… I guess it’s called Instagram love… however the premiere was successful so.. were good sis@omonionoli”.



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