“Davido is married to Amanda” -Kemi Olunloyo

Davido and Kemi Olunloyo -married
Davido and kemi Olunloyo

Social media activist and journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has come out boldy to say to say that the assurance coroner, Davido is married to Amanda.

Kemi says she interviewed Amanda’s cousin who revealed to her that Davido got married to Amanda secretly this year in America.

Historically, Davido spotted Mandy on Instagram slaying and contacted her via DM. Kemi also linked the dinner party that was thrown him by Amanda saying that Chioma was secretly prevented from attending the party, so she was denied Visa.

Recall, Davido shared photos of Amanda and their daughter Hailey Veronica on his birthday and a fan pointed fingers at him that he is not being serious with Chioma. Also note that Hailey is Amanda’s baby.

Finally, Kemi declared that Davido is married to Amanda who is a beauty technician and eye lashes expert. Sophia and Ayo are his baby mama’s while Chioma is a girlfriend.

There after, Amanda wrote on her Instagram story that she is not married and Kemi should look for a better hobby rather than making fake news.

See what she wrote,

” Meet 26yo Mrs Amanda “Mandy” Adeleke. She was married to Davido this year secretly in America. She’s a beauty salon technician and expert in ladies lashes. From an average family, Davido spotted her on Instagram slaying got in touch with her in the DM. The DM can be a lucrative place for lucky women. Amanda’s cousin told me that she won’t be caught dead being a single mother baby mama type and she told Davido to put the ring on it. At the same time OBO was going for that secret court wedding, he decoyed Chioma telling her that her visa was denied as Davido applies for visas for his entourage in group visas. Why would they deny one and not the others. She was not meant to be on the trip. Mrs Adeleke threw a birthday dinner for Davido in Atlanta last week as her husband turned 26yo and Chioma was barred on that trip too. I was the first to tell you Chioma left Davido and Cable NG told you due to infidelity. He threatened to sue them. Mrs Amanda Adeleke is the mother of 18mos old Hailey Veronica at the end of my video. Mandy says she’s not married but my investigation and words with her cousin’s say otherwise. She just found out that nobody else can marry Davido LEGALLY on US soil and polygamy is illegal there. SHE’S NOT DAVIDO’S BABY MAMA
SHE’S HIS WIFE. Sophia and Ayo are baby Mama’s while dumb Chioma is a girlfriend. 🙄🙄🙄 He’s playing them all except Ayo who only wants her daughter fended for”.

Amanda, “Please stop tagging me in fake news… I am not married 😂 some people really need to find another hobby 🤷🏼‍♀ don’t come disturb my peace! Ok bye”.



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