Controversy: Flavor uncouth for being in secret relationship with baby mamas (Anna, Sandra)

Flavour baby mamas

Popular Nigerian singer, Flavour has been uncouth for being in relationship with baby mamas, Anna Banner and Sandra Okagbue.

Reports gathered shows that Flavor is skillfully having the best of the two ladies who have babies for him.

However, Flavor allegedly relocated Anna to Ghana to further her studies while he gives her one of his house in Lekki unknown to Sandra.

More so, Anna and Flavor decided removing their relationship from social media but still continue with their love affair. Sandra was also advised to remove her relationship from the media to avoid being bashed online.

Rumour mongers have allege that Sandra has affirmed position as Flavor’s wife and whether he denies it or not, he knows the truth and so does Anna.

Currently, Anna is in shock concerning news of Sandra and new baby boy for Flavor while Sandra is happily nursing her baby boy.



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