Nigerian novelist, Chimamanda Adichie has been attacked by a female Presidential candidate,

Eunice Atuejide, who called her an extremist.

Eunice further added that Chimamanda is misleading girls with her extremist views. The businesswoman and presidential aspirant under the National Interest Party, Eunice Atuejide made her view known in an interview with leader of the Free nation, Daddy Freeze, on Cool FM.

When asked by Daddy Freeze on what she thinks about Chimamanda, she said;
“I think she is an extremist, sometimes I do think she’s misleading a lot of our girls.”
“There are sometimes. very few times when I agree with her, but most of the times I’m like ‘Oh my God’, I hope our women do not necessarily take home too much of the things she say, because some of them could turn around and bite them in the bum”



  1. A dumb thing to say as a presidentia aspirant. Chimamanda isn’t misleading any woman or young girls. I might not agree with everything Chi says, but you are aiming to be a president of this nation. There ways, you could have answered this question without criticizing chimamanda. Remember 95% of many women in this country are huge supporter of Chi and you need their votes

  2. Hmmmmn honestly I don’t think that is a proper saying but coming t9 think of it whatever Chimamanda had said all should not be taken hook.line and sinker

  3. Please get your facts straight before you open your mouth to say rubbish, she is not misleading anybody, I repeat, she is not misleading anybody


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