“Children of looters are humans too” – Gumsu Sani Abacha

Gumsu Sani Abacha
Gumsu Sani Abacha

Daughter to late General of the Federal republic of Nigeria, Gumsu Sani Abacha declares that children of looters are humans too.

The wife and mother took to Instagram to reply a bitter fan concerning the fact that the public compliments on them without finding out the source of their monies.

However, Gumsu remained calm amidst telling him that it isn’t her fault she was given Sani Abacha as a father and that he should check who her husband is.

See their conversation below,

Fan, ” I don’t mean to be rude but people just compliment someone who doesn’t work much but has stached much cash, courtesy of daddy mommy and allies. Though you are very beautiful truth be told.

Gumsu Sani Abacha “May ALLAH heal your worries. Children of looters are human too. Meanwhile have you bothered to check who my husband is? Abeg do your research. Stay well”.

Fan, ” Looking at some of you looters children make me wonder if you are actually humans because you are nothing like us. The real NAIJA people”.

Gumsu, “I didn’t choose my father. God gave me to him…. sorry if u are bitter. May ALLAH heal you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻”.


  1. Who your husband be, no concern me, just hide your face, cos you will forever with your generations carry the shame of your father. Come to think of it you’re not fucking Nigerian. Don’t come here with that talk that you’re human too, cos I can slap the taste outta of your mouth lady! Just fucking pissed with these looters and their clueless kids. Your heartless father is part of Nigerian’s pit fall today so, shut the fuck up cos I ain’t smiling with bitches like you today! See as graduates and drop out youths full everywhere, still no jobs. Everyone is suffering like hell. Days pass and many have no food to eat, power supply is wack and they keep bringing high bills for power wey person no see. Yes! Your heartless irresponsible father is part of all these shit too. Just shut up! with the annoying human thing.

  2. She’s talking shits because she doesn’t understand what the stupid father did to the innocent..don’t worry in ur next life u will be born to a very wreched family so u will understand what people are passing through in this country.


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