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Abia State Nationwide Youth Engagement

Abia State Nationwide Youth Engagement

Nationwide Youth Engagement  – Abia State

Following the #ENDSARS Protest, The National Economic Council which comprises of the Federal Executives and all Governors of 36 States Formulated a nationwide youth engagement framework for all the states to adopt, engage and come up with a position as a state and stride to the geopolitical zones and then to national which will be imputed into the Nationwide Youth Engagement Framework.
This provides a very unique opportunity for young people and other stakeholders to engage the process by making demands that not only safeguard their participation in the National Development Process but add a voice and see to the implementation of the Nationwide Youth Engagement Framework.

In exercise of her mandate, His Excellency Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu (Ph.D.) Has set up a Multi stakeholders Committee to Capture Abia Youths Position and move the same to Zonal and national levels. In the spirit of proactive and collaborative citizens action coupled with the ardent need to achieve far-reaching youth engagement at the state, zonal, and Federal levels of development, the state seeks to engage youth Groups with the following key stakeholder’s Youth leaders in – Tertiary Institutions, Socio-Cultural Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, Religious Organizations, Private Sector Ecosystems, Traditional Institutions, Political Organizations, Disability Groups, Women Groups; in a town hall meeting to get in the Abia youths Position on several areas which includes Wealth Creation, Social Safety and Employment, Education, Digital Economy, Sports Development, Creative Industry, and Hospitality, Security and Governance.
The cardinal objectives of the public hearing are;

Facilitate Abia Youths inputs in the Nationwide Youth Engagement Framework.

To harmonize Abia youth’s voices on National reforms and produce them into Abia Youth  Development Charter.

Build synergies and create unified platforms where young people and civil society actors can discuss and advocate issues around the State and National Development.

Promote youth participation in governance through engagement in advocacy for National Development.

In furtherance of these objectives, Abia State Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu (PhD.) constituted a steering committee that will preside over the Youth Public Hearing on Youth Engagement on National Development.
Invitation to Submit Memorandum
We invite young Abians, youth civil society organizations, youths in political parties, student bodies, interest groups, youth leaders, and members of the general public to submit short and concise memoranda (Not more than 500 Words) on the issues listed hereunder and any other matter (s) that will improve Nationwide youth development. You can choose to write on one, some, or all the issues listed, but your submission should not exceed 500 words.

Wealth Creation

Social Safety and Employment


Digital Economy

Sports Development

Creative Industry and Hospitality

Security and Governance

The committee will preside over a Public hearing scheduled to hold on Monday 1st March 2021 to avail citizens the opportunity to make oral presentations. The outcome of the public hearing will be galvanized into a report that shall form the basis of the publication of the Abia Youth Development Charter that will be forwarded to the Governor and moved to the Zonal level for the onward push to the Nationwide Youth Engagement Framework.
How to send Memoranda
Kindly send hard copies or electronic copies of the memorandum on or before Monday 22nd February 2021.  Oral presentations on the day of the public hearing will be scheduled according to memoranda submitted to the secretariat before the date of the public hearing. Memoranda and other correspondences to the Panel should be addressed to the following:
Hardcopy submission should be forwarded to;
Abia Social Investment office
Administrative Quarters Government House Umauahia
National Youths Council of Nigeria, Youths House
State Secretariat, Ugurube Layout, Umuahia.
Ministry of Youth and Sports Development,
School Road Umuahia.
Vision Alive Foundation,
15 Margaret Avenue, Aba. 
Electronic submissions should be sent to

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