May 19, 2022

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola has responded to Patrice’s Evra’s comments that his management style makes players feel like they are stripped of autonomy and commanded as if in a Playstation game.

Guardiola suggested the jibe is an attempt to get a job at rivals, Manchester United.

“I don’t want personality? Well. I don’t agree, Patrice! I don’t play. I need personalities and good players to play on the pitch.

“I didn’t read it or know [what he’s said]. I have had nice, incredible players in my past as a manager at Barcelona, Bayern Munich and here. Most of them have won World Cups, European [Championships], Champions Leagues and leagues.

“Patrice — if we were together, I would show you the personality and character of my players right now that we have, absolutely. Maybe Evra is right or maybe he’s doing a good quote to come back to Manchester United to work there. Maybe there’s a good chance now,” Guardiola said.

EPL: Maybe he wants a job at Man Utd – Guardiola hits back at Evra over ‘personality’ comments

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